Our Duty as a Service Provider

Central IT helps Small and Medium businesses around the Western Sydney area without the fear of downtimes in their IT resources so they can continue working with minimal delays and reach their business goals efficiently and productively.

Most common problems businesses face


Delays in your business operation cause you setbacks and unwanted negative feedback. Downtimes can also bring you a lot of headaches, and we’re here to put an end to it.

Cyber Security

With the numerous threats on the internet and the digital world, antivirus software now won't suffice to protect you. You need a PROVEN working system for your protection.

High Cost

Technology is a very powerful tool but has a drawback, especially the financial aspect. In Central IT, we developed a pricing structure to guarantee affordable plans to ensure you're ahead of the business.

IT Literacy

With the numerous software and hardware, there's so many to decode, and then IT stuff becomes overwhelming to you. After doing an intensive IT audit on your business, we will recommend IT resources your business needs – no add-ons, no gimmick.

Central IT: Your One-Stop Centre for your IT needs

On Demand

Support when you need it

⚬  One Time Service
⚬  Break-Fix Solution
⚬  Emergency Help
⚬  No contract binding

Think of us as your reliable friend or as the trusted family doctor that you can always contact whenever you have a problem or health issues


Purchase blocks of hours monthly or in advance

⚬  Solutions at a Discounted Rate
⚬  12 Months Expiry, monthly roll-over
of unconsumed balance
⚬  Tailor-fitted Solutions

Bank - You can invest ahead of time so when an emergency comes, you'll have a consumable service hours at a discount

Managed Service

Managing your IT aspect

⚬  All-in-One Approach
⚬  Continuous improvement of your business
⚬  Daily monitoring of your business
⚬  Bi-annual review of your business and its IT aspect

Your Outsourced IT Department that is outside of your company but works like an insider and fully knows how your business should operate and how it can further improve

What's in it for me from Central IT?


20+ years of IT experience, 8+ years in providing various industries with our solutions. Seeking a continuous improvement in the ever-changing technology aspect - our Kaizen Value

Bridging the Gap - Technology Translated

We translate the overwhelming IT stuff and convert it to something that your business could utilise for development.
You and Central IT can speak the same language: Business


We cover only the Western Sydney Area to have concentrated efforts and timely delivery of our services.
Proactive and Reactive Support only at Central IT


We work toward your business's best interest. We delve into your business and ensure that you get a tailor-fitted IT service because every company has different needs and targets. A personalized IT service just for you!

Competitive Pricing

One of the most affordable, if not the cheapest, rates in the IT industry. We work for your value of money and ensure that you get the value based on what you have invested in us.

Precise Work, Accurate Satisfaction

Hit your targets by using our personalized Central IT Process.
IT Solutions beyond your expectations.

I'm interested in your services!

Central IT Formula

Don't hesitate to contact our team or complete the form below. A representative will contact you ASAP.

Plan Selection
Choose the IT service agreement based on your needs and budget.

Let's have a small chat for us to know what's your business and how we can help you as an IT solutions provider.

Business Audit
Central IT delves into your business, assesses internal and external factors, and formulates solutions based only on your needs and requirements – no add-ons, no gimmicks.

Start Your IT Experience
Bringing your business to a new height! Implementation of solutions that you have never experienced before.

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