IT Doesn’t Have to be Complicated and Expensive

Central IT believes in a cost-effective IT Solutions

Where IT all started for Central IT

Being immersed in the corporate IT industry since 1998 as an IT specialist/Network Manager employee, Pat Callipari uncovered the pains of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) with regards to their IT providers. For the IT service providers, SMBs wasn’t a priority – there was no focused, targeted solutions, and the approach was as if it was a “one-size fits all IT program”.

Working in the corporate scene, he had been helping 400+ companies in the different industries. But the said predicament was etched to his mind for over a decade and was feeling unsatisfied about it. After getting the necessary knowledge and enough resources, he decided to start his journey for being the IT Solutions dedicated for SMBs. Back then, he had two goals in mind:

  • Help the SMBs to achieve their goals efficiently and;
  • Give them a better and authentic service, just the right IT they need

On 2012, these goals came into existence. He founded an IT company to pave way for a cheaper, affordable, just the right IT solutions for Small and Medium businesses. His business started with his previous clients whom turned as his initial clients turned to long-term partners. From there on, his initiative started to grow ever since.

Educating, Empowering, and Enriching your Business

Central IT nurture and maximise the potential of your business:

You’re probably wondering why Central IT decided to focus on Western Sydney Area and QLD. As his vision, he wanted to focus on a small scale business operation because for him, it’s better to have quality clients over plenty of unsatisfied clients. This also proves that he is true to his vision: a focused and dedicated service for SMBs

As a matter of fact, Pat Callipari still works on the day-to-day operation because he doesn’t want to be just an overseer or a management guy. He still devotes his time and knowledge to his clients – sticking to his nurturing mission.

The company aim to deliver Stress Free IT solutions to all customers, enabling clients to gain the maximum from their investment in IT. Central IT applies a strategic model to deliver premium quality services and help organizations achieve a best-in-class level of technical excellence for a competitive and affordable price. Central IT always put the business driven outcomes required by the clients to enrich your business.

So if you’re a SMB in Western Sydney and QLD area and looking for an affordable and just the right IT – no add-ons, no gimmicks – for your business, Central IT is definitely the right choice for you.

Central IT’s Core Value – Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

Central IT provides IT Solutions to 100+ SMBs in Western Sydney and QLD area in various industries.

In 2018, Pat Callipari decided to merge with another renowned IT provider to achieve more comprehensive infrastructure with faster response time. The merger also gave an enhanced expertise and better service to their clients. He’s been acting as the Chief Executive Officer ever since.

Adapting to changes can be overwhelming and complicated especially in the digital era. Technology are constantly evolving and the same with goes with Central IT, their approach and method are constantly evolving. If there’s no response to the stimuli, the company won’t be able to keep up with the trend and changes and there’s a threat of going out of business– the same goes for you, too.

As a service provider, Central IT keeps on its mandate to continuously improve for their clients assurance of working with up-to-date technology and best infrastructure for businesses. Working with Central IT, SMBs have been receiving these deliverables: competitive advantage, technological advantage, and prevention from going out of business.

Now, Central IT company prides itself on being a reliable, trusted, cost effective IT integrator and valued partner to its customers. They supply and support a wide array of IT related products as well as high quality personnel customer support.

Acting as the “IT friend” or “IT superhero” that small and medium business can rely whenever they have a problem: business owners can be assured of the right IT that they truly need – no irrelevant program, approach, and uncalled for additional expenses.

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