How Central IT Group Helps Small and Medium Businesses in Western Sydney with our IT Services and IT Solutions

Managing your IT aspect in your business can be a little overwhelming and seems like a complex puzzle. Even from simple things such as password management, connectivity issues, managing data, to complex processes such as viruses, automation of business processes, IT daily operations, these can turn into a really bad headache.

You know that outsourcing the support, administration, and management of your IT network can be an essential key to your business's efficiency.

You know your business is struggling, your bread and butter is at risk, but do not know where to begin.

We must say congratulations, acknowledgement is the first step and reaching to Central IT is the NEXT RIGHT STEP.

Let me introduce to you our process that is proven to be effective in different industries:

Centralised Stress-Free IT Solution:

1. Intensive Audit

2. Design of Tailor-fitted Solutions

3. Agreement

4. Implementation

5. 3Ms - Maintenance, monitoring, monetizing

Plan Selection
Choose the IT service agreement based on your needs and budget.

Let's have a small chat for us to know what's your business and how we can help you as an IT solutions provider.

Business Audit
Central IT delves into your business, assesses internal and external factors, and formulates solutions based only on your needs and requirements – no add-ons, no gimmicks.

Start Your IT Experience
Bringing your business to a new height! Implementation of solutions that you have never experienced before.

In what concrete ways can Central IT help my business?

IT Support

Someone you can call for help whenever you have a technology issue – like your “one-call-away”, trusted, and reliable friend

Agreed, everything nowadays can be searched in Google. But, doing it yourself with the complex instruction in a sophisticated structure where there’s no room for mistake, that’s where the problem arises. If your hands are full, what are you going to do then? You seek for help.

In Central IT, we have provided our clients with dedicated helpdesk to cater all your issues and come up with a resolution as fast as possible – may it be remotely or onsite support. We can fix/work with technology even if it wasn’t procured from Central IT. We work step by step with you and implement the solutions ourselves in the foolproof way so you can focus on running your business.

IT Remote Monitoring

Central IT can be your “IT bodyguard” that ensures safeguarding of your business through remote monitoring

Imagine if your entire IT environment was monitored so problems are proactively detected and fixed before they can cause downtime for your business? Imagine if troubleshooting, implementation, and support are always just a phone call away?

Central IT can monitor and manage your devices in your network - fixing any issues that arise before they happen for a truly transparent, stress-free service. Central IT’s remote monitoring platform keeps track of a wide range of technologies including servers, desktops, mobile devices, laptops, printers, and operating systems, as well as networking and security equipment. In many cases, we can alert you to issues and have them fixed before any of your users are aware or your business is impacted.

Knowing issues or potential problems quickly will ultimately lead to a faster recovery time and better availability of your systems which means more business time for you and more time to operate.

Disaster Proof your Business

Ensure business continuity and Disaster-proof your business

With the uncertainties in the world or “force majeure” as they call in Law, your business is always at risk. That being said, backing up business data, legal documents, customer information is one of the steps that most businesses tend to be negligent and don’t give attention until worst case scenario comes about.

Central IT can back-up your business data from time to time so whenever a disaster struck, you can easily recover your business and you won’t be operating at ground zero. In business, there’s no assurance that you won’t be affected by these factors. But, we can assure your business continuity and won’t be worrying about it anymore because we have foreseen this scenario and have protected you from suffering from it.

Cyber Security

Protect your business from virus, ransom operator, IoT hackers and prevent your information from being sold in the Dark Web

With the recent development in the technology, evildoers and their ways had also improved. IT industry can be at consensus that antivirus is no longer enough to prevent a cyber-attack or prevents you from being affected in such. You don’t need a software, you need a working and continuously updating security system to protect your bread and butter.

In the years of Central IT operation, we also continuously update our security system that safeguards our clients business. This is the one of the aspect that is non-negotiable from us—solely for the benefit of our clients and assurance that they are indeed protected. You don’t want a cheap door lock to protect your valuables, right?

Just picture a hacker with malicious intent sniffing on every passwords and credit card information that you type in your business environment. What disastrous implications it can do to your business!

Strategic Procurement

Purchase the right software, hardware, or infrastructure to your IT needs

With tons of products in the market available for business, it can be difficult to choose the best product that will suit your needs and wants. There are various pros and cons with every product and it’s not logical for you to test each one of them. Hence, you’re stuck in your buyer’s journey and can’t proceed for the strategic investment that your business needs.

Since Central IT is also a supplier, we have a direct connection to manufactures and major vendors so you can acquire the right business technology at a competitive price. Not only that, we can tell what software, hardware, and infrastructure is suitable for your budget and business needs. Of course, the last call still depends on you but rest assured that you are going to get the best deal out there in the market.

Go to our shop and you will see a ton of products. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can also provide resources that is not listed on our shop. We will not only advise you what to buy, Central IT can orient you how to use it, implement what you purchased, test if it’s working, and tweak/configure it to your liking. Your business needs to be more productive and efficient, so your IT investments needs to be effective in reaching your objectives and hitting those targets.

Cloud Services

Creating a hybrid/modernized work environment using the “Cloud”

As part of the development of different industries, the working set-up have also evolved. Now, many businesses have adopted a hybrid/modernized work environment wherein they can still do business even with the restrictions of COVID-19 and not doing the typical work at the office. The solution that they utilized? It was the so-called “cloud” in IT industry.

These are possible thanks to the rise of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows your business to be more efficient with increased productivity, work environment flexibility that ensures business continuity. Communications have also improved because of cloud solutions. Instead of the holding a traditional meeting at a conference room and be physically present, your business can just use a software to connect with everyone and hold a meeting. Instead of using whiteboards, sticky notes, and daily reporting/monitoring, you can now utilize a project management application to do all of these – which lessen the toxicity in working environment and lessen your probability of micromanaging your employees.

Imagine working with a certain simple document or a complex project simultaneously with multiple people. You can now operate your business together with your employees virtually – anytime, on any device –may be it on a personal phone or a high-end computer. Technology is indeed amazing.

IT Consultancy and Business Development

An expert you can consult for your business development: Central IT – a strategist, visionary, business IT partner

Managing your business takes a lot of your time, generates stress, contributes to your frustration that seems to build up as time goes by. The duties that comes along with it stops you from propelling your business forward or even taking a well-deserved rest. You just focus on the operation of the business and it is unavoidable to lose track of things such as development especially in the IT aspect.

With our cumulative 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and almost a decade of operation, Central IT has a professional and experienced team members that you can consult regarding technology. Whether it’s a simple advice on your IT strategy, may it be constructing a blueprint for your network, strategic procurement of a specific technology, managing your IT department, we can give you advices that achieve your goals and generate results. Central IT is a valuable partner to your business, your trusted consultant.

Your Outsourced Department - All in One Approach

Centralise your IT needs at Central IT

That’s our tagline. If you truly want an IT department at an affordable price, to have that one point person for all your technological needs, there’s fluidity in transactions, a trusted and reliable partner for your IT needs choose Central IT.

Central IT delves into your business so we can audit your business with full transparency and to give you an authentic service that you need. With this, we will also have a to gain a better understanding of your business – its culture, approach, plans of development, monthly goals and etc. We will be consistently on the look for development in your IT aspect so your business can innovate and adapt to the constantly evolving business landscape. Whether your company is small or large, we can tailor our solutions to suit your IT needs and budget.

Benefit from managed IT services that includes everything that is listed above. Central IT’s comprehensive range of services will take care of your business IT aspect. From remote and onsite support, remote monitoring, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, disaster-proofing of your business, strategic procurement, IT consultancy, network and system integration, digitalization of your business, Central IT got it all.

Central IT is not for a satisfactory service, we’re here to exceed your expectations.

Interested with working with us?